All the best parts rolled into one

Composite doors are made from multiple layers of different materials so they can provide the various benefits that these have to offer. This means that each door can provide a host of beneficial qualities, including offering the strength of hardwood timber, the durable and low maintenance finish of UPVC, and great energy performance thanks to added insulation.

With their tough outer skin, the doors can withstand harsh weather conditions and deliver an excellent return on investment. The skin can also come in a range of different colours and designs so the door can add to the aesthetics of your property. You can choose from a wide range of universal colours, opt for woodgrain finishes or even select a brushed effect if you wish. This means you’ll have far more choice than with individual materials.

The thickness and durability of composite doors means they can offer fantastic security, outperforming both UPVC and timber doors. This has made them popular for external settings, particularly when you consider they will also perform well in all kinds of weather conditions.

The key to getting the quality of a composite door right is ensuring the various layers are bonded together properly. This is particularly crucial with the outer skin because it will have a big impact on the finish. It takes care and precision to ensure there are no flaws.

We are highly experienced at providing skilled decorative foiling and lamination services, expanding our skills and knowledge hugely since establishing our company. Our specialisation and commitment to quality has helped us to become the leader in our field. One area we have expanded to encompass is composite doors. We can apply decorative outer skins to any composite material, leaving the door with a protective, aesthetically pleasing top layer. If you are looking for a specialist with the skills to laminate composite doors with a range of different materials we are the provider for you, so get in touch to learn more about our services.