Choose block foiling over digital foiling

People want to use foiling services because of the benefits they can provide. However, it is not possible to take advantage of them unless you work with skilful individuals. Our team has been in this field for years. As a result, we can attend to all your needs without much hassle.

Foiling servicesMany individuals want to use foiling for their brochures. They often wonder whether digital printing is the best method for them. It could potentially be this way. However, it is not the only option. Depending on what project you are tackling, you might want to consider standard block foiling. This technique actually performs better in some areas than digital. It possesses all the same benefits, as well as a few others. Let’s see why you would want to choose it.

Perceived value

Firstly, there is the value to consider. Several high profile businesses out there use block foiling already. It is for this reason why people associate it with quality. Because perception is vital to action, this is a massive benefit if you use this approach with your brochures. If you do, it is possible to differentiate your brochures from similar looking ones.


With block foiling, you can give yourself more of a premium option too. The distinct finish your brochure acquires from this technique will establish your brand. At the same time, this allows for higher pricing. The metallic, rich finish has a better chance of being noticed by prospective customers. This is when you compare to the finishes they see every day. These ones don’t stand out as much. If you would like to use our foiling service, please get in touch.

Enhancing products

Another advantage would be the enhancement of your product. By using block foiling, the technique is able to elevate the appearance of your items to new heights. These are ones you cannot achieve using a digital approach. When all is said and done, your brochure will stand out more.

Other benefits

Finally, you may find you sell more and obtain brand protection. The foiling is an eye-catching and more reliable technique. Therefore, people will have more confidence when they buy from you. The finishes will make customers realise that your products are of high quality and authentic.

Foiling Services that meet your expectations

At Foiling Services, we always aim to meet the highest expectations when a customer asks for our help. In addition, we want the benefits of our work to be available to everyone. To ensure this, we don’t charge people huge rates. In fact, our prices are very competitive.

So, if you are in need of foiling services, please let our team know.