Are you using the right die for hot foil stamping?

If you want to make a fantastic impression, hot foil stamping can be the perfect solution. You can use it for various products, including promo materials, packaging, and much more. To get the best results though, you need the right dies. We want to have a look at the options today to see which will work for you. Then if you need expert foiling services, you can speak to us.

The right tooling

Foiling servicesYou wouldn’t have hot foil stamping without a die or a series of them. The tools are what you use to determine what pattern you imprint on the substrate. They have to be precise, especially if you want to create fine details.

Generally there are three options if you are considering materials for the dies. The most common are copper and brass. However, you can use magnesium for many projects too. There is a lot to consider here if you want the foil to look fantastic.

A softer metal

Magnesium is an interesting choice because the metal is soft and malleable. They are good advantages when it comes to creating tools like dies for foiling services. It means you can engrave or etch it with ease. Plus, the metal can hold relatively fine details.

Overall magnesium is a good metal for dies. However, there is one major drawback. The softness works against it in terms of durability. It can also struggle with pitting. As a result, you won’t be able to achieve very good longevity. If you are planning short runs and want low costs, it is a great choice. But, if you want long print runs, you will likely want a stronger metal.

Strong alternatives

The two other options are copper and brass. The latter is the strongest. It is well known for being a tough alloy but also retains a good level of workability. More importantly, it engraves very well and you can get fine details or depth with tight tolerances. If you have a long print run or want stunning crisp foiling, it is worth paying for brass.

Copper is nothing to be sniffed at though. It sits perfectly between magnesium and brass with its hardness. It performs better than softer metals, especially in terms of resistance to pitting. You can also etch it to create fine details. The thing that really makes it stand out though is it recuperates heat very well. That is ideal for hot foil stamping and means your dies can last a long time, even with massive print runs.

Do you want to arrange foiling services?

If you are considering using foil to make a good impression, you will love our services. We supply foils from a range of manufacturers. This includes some of the best products on the market if you value sustainability. It ensures you can choose exactly what you need with no limits on things like colour or finish.

So, speak to us any time you need foiling services. We can discuss why they are such a great investment and look at important details like the foil to use.