Delamination and the issues for flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is incredibly common today. If you look at any shelf in a shop or supermarket you will likely see dozens of products that use it. Generally you need high quality laminating services to help create them. This ensures there is a smaller chance of issues like delamination.

What is it?

Laminating servicesIn a basic sense flexible packaging is any product that changes shape during filling or use. Just think about a pouch for coffee beans or a packet of pasta. You can squeeze and change the shape in your hands. You can’t do it with sturdy products such as tins or glass bottles.

There are a number of advantages with this type of packaging. For one, you can be creative when you select materials. For example, you can easily combine papers, films, plastics, foils, and more. Plus, you can choose printed materials but have an outer film later to protect them. It will preserve the ink so it retains the look.

A major benefit is you can give different products the right level of protection. Because you can easily combine materials, you can make sure the contents will be safe during transit, when they arrive on the shelves, and when people take them home and put them away. You could choose a laminate to offer a barrier against moisture or a foil to give protection against UV and heat.


The issue here is the quality of the laminating services is crucial. This is because, if there is a problem, it can result in delamination of the packaging. This could happen at any point between manufacturing and end of life.

The problem is delamination results in the different layers of the packaging coming apart. It could be a small local issue such as a bubble. Or it could be an entire protective layer coming away. This can open the door for major issues. In some cases it could completely spoil the product. That would result in a lot of waste, both of the packaging and the product. Businesses may then have to pay a huge amount to reproduce it.

The best way to avoid delamination is to take care with the adhesives when creating the packaging. Quality controls are vital here. They should ensure proper blending, metering, and dispensing of the adhesive. It is important to monitor viscosity and flow rate.

Speak to us about laminating services

If you need to create high quality packaging, it is best to speak to an expert. We have a lot of experience with lamination. We can apply protective films to a massive array of substrates. The film can vary in thickness, finish, and design. As a result, we can help our clients to create the perfect items to pack their products and more.

So, if you want to look at laminating services, contact us. We are experts and use fantastic materials. This produces great results for our clients. You can also ask us for tips and advice about different products.