Are you caught up on your lamination facts?

Lamination servicesThese days, people laminate objects more frequently than they did in the past. This is because they have become aware of the benefits and the companies that specialise in the practice. We are among the finest ones working today. Our lamination services take your objects and offer them a level of protection unseen anywhere else.

People often have many questions regarding lamination. Some of you may need a helping hand too. In order to help everyone, we are going to go over a few of these questions and give our answers.

A cloudy document

There are those that ask why their laminated documents might look cloudy. Cloudiness normally comes from the document being too thick or the temperature being too low.

What you can do is attempt to pass your document through your machine one or several times. Your machine might have a temperature adjuster. If it does, you can slightly raise it. Should the issue persist, you might want to try a thinner pouch. Another option would be to adjust the document’s thickness.

A strange smell

Some are curious about why their laminator smells. For new laminators, it is natural for them to have a minor smell the first time around. This is merely from the new element. If you use the machine a few more times, it should go away.

There could be a constant smoking or smell from the mechanism. If so, make sure you check that the temperature is not too high.

When you use it normally, a laminator shall generate a minor smell when you insert the pouch. This is merely the polyethylene though. It is not a danger to your health. If you do have concerns, why not choose our professional lamination services?

The amount of rollers

Next, we will answer how the number of rollers present influences lamination. The complexity of the finish you need and the laminator itself shall determine the amount of rollers you require. Typically, two roller systems heat and seal simultaneously. For more advanced systems, the initial set of rollers heat your pouch in order to melt the adhesive. As for subsequent rollers, they seal the document to create a finish that is high quality and professional.

Should I laminate this?

One of the biggest questions however is whether there is anything that you should not laminate. There are a handful of objects that you should not. They can lead to jamming or may end up damaging your laminator. The general rule is that laminators are meant for documents. Therefore, trying to work on anything else besides thin card or paper should be avoided.

A team that understands lamination services

At Foiling Services, we understand all the key aspects of the laminating process. This includes caring for those items that cannot be replaced. As a result, we go out of our way to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

So, if you require our lamination services, please get in contact with us. We will be happy to arrange a service for you.