Using multiple colours of foil

Today it is incredibly common to see foil on different materials. For example, you can find it on packaging, birthday cards, wedding invites, and even certificates. It is a popular option because it adds class to any item you add it to. The designs can also have a lot of detail, becoming a focal point. If you want to try something similar with a product, we offer the most reliable foiling services in the UK. You won’t find a better service than ours.


foiling servicesOne of the things people love the most about foil is there are so many different colours to choose from now. The usual shades include gold and silver but there are plenty of other fantastic options. For example, rose gold is very popular at the moment. Then, there are plenty of other colours to try, from red to blue and many more.

The quality of foils is also much better today. There are a number of high profile brands who specialise in foiling. Leonhard Kurz is a great example. They are a global leader and offer one of the broadest selections of quality foils. In addition, there are companies like Renolit who make excellent external foils.

Combining them

While many people will choose foiling and stick with one colour for the whole design, there is no rule to say you have to do this. In fact, with the right help and services you can easily combine several colours. So, if you think one foil alone is not enough to get the pattern or attention you want, why not try using more?

What you need to do is look at all the different colour foils there are to work with. You can then decide which shades you think will work together the best. Be as creative as you want and the final product should look great.

Talk to us about foiling services

As you can tell from our name, our focus is on adding decorative and functional foil to various materials. We are a market leader in the UK and always look to give our clients the perfect service. In fact, we have many that are so happy that they have been working with us on different projects for years.

If you want to take a closer look at foiling services and what they can do for you, why not speak to us? We can advise you and give you plenty of great examples. Then, if you choose to go ahead with a project, we will be with you every step of the way.