Are you aware of the truths of lamination?

Our speciality is using lamination services to enhance a wide variety of materials. Examples include aluminium, acrylic, and plywood. For our finishes, we work with a slew of market leading brands. This allows us to meet the standards that our clients expect from us.

Everyone has their own ideas about lamination. However, there are many consumers out there who do not understand the process. Knowing this, we feel it is vital to shed a bit of light on some of the claims that have been made over the years. So, read on if you want to know more about lamination.

An expensive endeavour?

Lamination servicesFor one thing, many people believe that lamination is too expensive. What you need to do here is consider the value that you are providing to the work. A laminate coating can easily do this. When you realise the benefits, you will discover that laminating is not that expensive. If anything is a low margin commodity, it is simple ink on paper. Taking a lot of effort and time to augment your print using a laminate finish increases its value. In the end, it shall have a longer lifespan.

Doesn’t it take a while to laminate?

There are also those that believe lamination takes too long. This is all about perception. Of course, the procedure is one that can take time. This occurs when you process using the sheets per hour strategy instead of using a commercial or modern press. Yet, an increasing number of cost efficient production machines are finding their way onto the market. They allow for incredibly efficient in-house production to take place. If you are ever in need of fast lamination services though, please let us know.


Our next piece of false information is that you can’t dye-cut laminate. It is actually possible as long as the right circumstances are in place. You also need to use a suitable process. This is actually an approach that is very popular. It stretches laminate past its regular perimeters to produce new usable techniques.

Not enough finishes

Some are even under the assumption that laminates come in matte and gloss finishes, and no others. In this day and age, this is a false statement. The market actually has an impressive number of finishes on offer. Other design elements include holographic effects, tactile additions, linen, and leather.

It is bad for the environment

Last but not least, we would like to point out that laminate is indeed eco-friendly. Today, it is entirely possible to develop biodegradable film.

Lamination services you will always remember

At Foiling Services, we want to provide each customer with an unforgettable service. This way, when they need lamination again in the future, they will return to us. Thanks to our help, countless industries and markets are now better off.

Please contact us if you ever require our lamination services. We can talk about the films we have as well as how we can get the best finish for you.