Recycling aluminium foil

We are the UK’s most reliable name when it comes to foiling services. When clients work with us, they have their expectations. What we do is constantly strive to exceed them. Despite the high standards, we don’t charge huge prices. In fact, you will find we are quite reasonable.

One of the most recyclable materials

foiling servicesSince so many people use aluminium foil, it is natural that they would want to know if the material is recyclable. Aluminium stands as one of the most recyclable materials in the world. In fact, a large amount of the aluminium produced is actually still in use today. This is thanks to the recycling efforts. In addition, there is the fact you can recycle it many times without having to worry about diminishing quality.

The majority of the aluminium recycled comes in can form. The foil is technically recyclable too. What you need to remember though is that it must be clean. What we mean specifically is free of food residue. The problem is that this residue or grease can contaminate any other recyclables while the process takes place. There are some waste facilities that might not accept foil. This could be because of contamination since some people probably won’t rinse their foil. What the soiled foil can do to other materials could negate the benefits of the recycling process.

Is the foil acceptable?

Prior to placing your foil in the bin, see to it that your local recycling facility accepts it. As we said before, not all of them do this. Incidentally, if they do accept it, then disposable aluminium baking pans will normally be acceptable too. Just remember to recycle the aluminium foil that is clean only. You may need to do a bit of rinsing first. If you do intend to clean it, you may as well take the opportunity to reuse it a few times first.

Recycling aluminium is a great idea when you consider it has the potential to save over 90% of the energy to create new materials. Not to mention, of all the recyclable materials, it is one of the most valuable. Its recycling lifecycle is pretty fast too. The metal can be back to the shelves as new products in a few short months.

Choose our foiling services

One of the things that make us a top name for foiling is that we use the best technology when performing all of our work. This allows us to work with more than just the regular gold and silver shades. As a result, we can provide spectacular results.

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