Are brochures still worth investing in?

Many people thought the rise of digital media would signal the death of traditional print marketing materials. While it has to some extent, it has actually made them more impactful. In a world where every business has a website and digital ads are everywhere, things like brochures and flyers can have a massive impact if they have a stunning design. Foiling services can help with that, ensuring they are still worth investing in.


Foiling servicesOne of the biggest advantages with print materials is there is no way to interrupt the message. The internet is full of ads today. As a result, most people don’t even focus on them. They simply look for the fastest way to close them. Even if they do take time to watch, another ad can appear soon after and the original can be forgotten.

With print, there is nothing to cause any kind of distraction. The only thing there is what you have chosen to include. They are also rarer, so people are more likely to glance at them in the first place just out of curiosity. As long as the design is good and turns that first look into interest, you’ve got their full attention even for a little while.


There are two ways traditional print like brochures and flyers can have an advantage when it comes to travelling. Firstly, they work wherever people go. So, let’s say someone attends a conference or has a meeting. They get some printed materials when they leave to fly home. With no signal, they can’t look at digital ads. But, they can take the time to browse the physical materials you’ve given them.

Secondly, they can travel in the physical world. You can’t put a digital ad in a box when you send someone a product they’ve ordered. However, you can put a flyer or brochure in to tell them about other things you have to offer. You can physically place the materials wherever you choose to give you the best chance of getting eyes on them. This is especially likely if you use foiling services to add stunning decorative touches.


When you look at marketing, it is important to make the most of your budget. What you want is ads that will deliver the most value. While digital ones have the potential to reach a lot of people, it is incredibly competitive and businesses can spend millions on it. Traditional materials are more cost effective and have better accessibility. In addition, they can help to build stronger relationships due to the fact they tell people more about your brand.


Another interesting benefit is print media can actually have more authority. A drawback of the digital realm is it is so open. Sadly that opens the door for all kinds of negativity, including misinformation and scams. It can be harder to build trust purely online. However, it is easier to do that with physical materials as long as you have a great design. Investing in your brand in this manner can ensure you deliver a coherent message to your audience and supports your authenticity.

Do you want to use the best foiling services?

As you can tell from our name, we are one of the best foiling experts in the UK. We know all the different ways you can use foil to make a great impression. This can include adding details to brochures, foiling parts for vehicles, and much more. You can even use sustainable foils to make your decorative touches less harmful to the environment.

If you have decided brochures are worth investing in and want a way to ensure they stand out, foiling services can help. Speak to us today about foils to learn more.