When should I send out holiday cards?

If you’re planning for the Christmas season, holiday cards can help you get into the festive mood. At the same time, you can remind your loved ones you are thinking of them. If you are curious about card etiquette, you are in the right place. We are going to discuss some tips you can use to do things properly. Then if you want to look at things like using sustainable foils to create stunning products, we can help.

Who gets the cards?

Sustainable foilsFirstly, you need to decide who will receive your cards. Start by making a list. This should include family members, friends, neighbours, and coworkers. It will aid you in determining how many cards you need. It will prevent you from leaving people out too.

Are you wondering how many cards to send out? You should give them to those you hold most dear. Also, you can include members of the extended family to remind them you care. A good idea would be to order extra cards in case you get a card from someone unexpectedly.

Review your list each year too. Do this around November time to ensure you’re still in touch with every recipient. If anyone moved recently, see to it that you have the correct address. If you send out a few holiday cards every year but some don’t return your greetings, you can think about removing them from your list. Remember that if someone sent you a card last year, it is great etiquette to return the favour.

Personal touches

The second thing you should focus on is adding personal touches. Start by thinking about photos. You may have celebrated a graduation, wedding, or a new baby (human or fur). Whatever the case, you can add photos from the event to the front of your cards. Another idea would be to begin a tradition with a holiday-themed photoshoot for your card’s cover. Relatives can save them as keepsakes as they watch your family grow every year.

One of the most important things you should do here is make your cards stand out. Add visual interest using finishes and paper stocks. Potential options include glossy, shimmer, pearl, and matte foil. Create a holiday card that is unique to you, one your recipient will love to receive. If you are environmentally conscious, use sustainable foils to make yourself feel even better.

Select a colourful envelope as well. A nice one that matches your card will aid it in standing out among the recipient’s mail. As a result, it will add to the excitement of getting a hand-addressed card. For total festiveness, put your card in the envelope facing upwards. This way, they will see your design the moment they open it.

Time to send the cards

Let’s finish by discussing when to send your holiday cards. Ideally, you should get a head start. It is a good idea to send them around two or three weeks in advance. If you’re sending internationally, act earlier. This will give sufficient time for them to arrive in the event of a postal delay. Sending in advance also means the recipient can hang them around their property in the days leading up to the holidays.

Give people time to respond as well. Mailing your cards ahead of time is Christmas etiquette because it gives the recipients time to send one back. They may have forgotten to include you in their initial batch of cards.

If you are making personalised ones with foils, photos, or something else, order them in advance. This way, you will have enough time to finish them and then mail everything out.

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