Why should I use foil balloons over latex ones?

Balloons are among the most common and visible promotional tools in existence. Latex designs are the most cost efficient and familiar ones available. Saying this, custom foil balloons are an option you should not overlook. We are going to explain why this is the case here, then if you ever need recyclable foils you can ask us.

Recyclable foilsThese products also go by the name mylar balloons. They are created using foils instead of latex. There is a thin plastic layer and a metallic film. It is the job of the thin layer to prevent the balloons from becoming porous, as opposed to latex.

Furthermore, this arrangement lets the helium remain in the foil balloon for far longer than latex ones. It is generally only possible for latex balloons to hold helium for up to a single day. Foil balloons are actually capable of remaining afloat for one to two weeks. This will depend on their size, as well as the environment you are using them in. For instance, you cannot leave them out in the sun. The foil does not stretch in the way latex does, so the sun and heat can ruin them.

Due to their ability to hold helium, you can set foil balloons up for days. Your special event can proceed without you needing to worry about them deflating. If you’re interested in using recyclable foils for your merchandise, let us know.

Image quality

One of the leading advantages of foil balloons is the quality of images you can put on them. This is one of the most obvious benefits after the longevity. Thanks to the smooth exterior, you can carry out far more elaborate and detailed printing. Therefore, your custom logos or images will appear sparkling new for days.

Reuse the balloons

The ability to reuse them is really great. It makes them a cost effective solution. You can usually insert a straw into the opening between the two plastic slips and then blow to fill the balloons again. Alternatively, you can take them to an establishment that offers helium and refill them. Some foil balloons even possess a self sealing valve. This will save you a lot of energy and time. It will be very easy and convenient for you to fill them up.


Foil balloons exist in a myriad of sizes and shapes as well. There are round, square, heart-shape, and star-shape designs. The list of colours is also impressive. They include yellow, purple, pink, lime green, white, gold, and many more. It’s a long list without even thinking about bespoke printing.

No allergies

Anyone with a latex allergy many miss out on the benefits of balloons. However, foil ones are a great alternative. They ensure there won’t be any special occasions, promotions or events without the special touch they offer.

Come to us for first rate foiling with recyclable foils

At Foiling Services, we help people use foils for decorative and protective reasons. People want different things for their projects. Our team helps them achieve these by using advanced technology for foiling as well as a great selection of products.

The best thing here is we use all sorts of interesting types of foil, including recyclable foils. So, if you’d like to work with us, please get in touch.