All the different foils you can choose from

One of the things that makes foil stamping such a great choice for so many people and businesses is how many options there are. The number of different foils is amazing. That means everyone should be able to get the look they want for their product. At Foiling Services we can help with this. We have access to lots of different types of foil and know how to apply them carefully. Whether it is packaging, cards, or marketing materials, rely on us to enhance them for you.

What type of foils can you use?

Foiling ServicesThe most common type of foil is metallised. This is what most people think about when they consider foiling. It is a shiny metal colour, generally either silver or gold. However, there are lots of options.

The next most popular type is pigment foil. The selection here is even broader than with metallic ones. You can get foils in almost any colour, from bright reds to deep blues. They can also come in either matte or glossy finishes.

Pattern foilBoth metal and pigment foils have one thing in common – the colour is consistent. However, there are a broad range of types of foil that are not. They can have various effects, combining colours and tones to create different patterns. For example you could have stripes, sparkles, or even full holograms. There are also pearl foils that have a pearlescent effect.

Great aesthetics with foiling services

Whatever type of foil you choose, you can add a stunning touch to an item. It could be a nice piece of decoration to add a little class or grab attention. Or you could foil a larger area to make your packaging really stand out. Whatever you have in mind, we can help. We can even create highly detailed dies if you want to foil stamp a specific design.

You can contact Foiling Services if you want help finding the right foil or want to explore all the options. We will ensure you have a great experience working with us. Then, you can sit back and expect high quality products.