Your guide to the different types of foil

We are a company that excels in supplying its clients with first class decorative foiling and lamination services. The foils and laminates that we use can be applied to a wide variety of materials, including plastics and metals, making them a highly versatile option. No matter what your requirements are, our team shall work hard to make certain that they are met.

No master of foils can do their job without knowing what substances they are using in the first place. Listed below are some of the most common ones that are utilised in our profession.

Metallic is the most basic of our tools and is what we simply refer to as foil. As the name states, it is metal in nature, coming in a myriad of colours based on metals, including copper, bronze, silver, and gold. However, other colour options do exist, such as metallic red, green, blue, and more.

Moving onto pigment foils; these variations are either gloss or matte colours, but lack the sheen of their counterparts. They are mainly used in the graphics design world whenever you’re working with merchandise that won’t undergo the printing process.

Pearl foils are translucent and come with a pearlescent shine. Typically, such foil is reserved for the likes of wedding invitations. While they do add colour, they are predominantly employed to give your designs more of a shine.

Finally, holographic foils are the kind that comes with a rainbow effect similar to what you see on CDs and DVDs. Once light begins to shine on them, it’s reflected back, forming the rainbow. Foiling materials that possess a holographic pattern of sorts also fall into this category.

At Foiling Services, in order to present you with supreme finishes, we use well-regarded manufacturers like Renolit, Poli-Film, and Novacel to name a few. Our decorated sheets can be used in numerous applications, such as infill panels, building products, industrial mouldings, and point of sales displays.

If our foil and lamination services have caught your attention and you wish to know more about them, please give us a call. Keep in mind we can cater for a wide array of different requirements and always enjoy unique projects.