Foiling or lamination?

Many finishing processes can add real value to post cards, business cards and so on. Knowing what finish is most ideal for your application is a good way of finding its best representing value. At Foiling Services we can help you to do just that and offer both foil and lamination solutions.

One method of finishing a product is foiling. If you seek a luxury finish for your product, then the use of foil is likely your best option. In modern day, it is used for applications such as marriage invites, notebook branding, poster graphics and so on. These are just some of the many things you can add foils to, making products that are visually appealing. The finish can’t be achieved with traditional printing so it really makes the items stand out.

With lamination you can also produce products which can give extra value. For example the laminate can be made to appear sophisticated with a glossy finish. The process is particularly beneficial for business cards as it better preserves them. Whenever someone receives a laminated business or greeting card, they usually immediately notice how it is presented; so it is important to ensure of a nice finish to achieve a professional impression.

Not only does lamination give a professional finish, but it is also excellent for protecting paper and other materials from the elements. What can sometimes be found if a product hasn’t been laminated is the graphics and surface can wear away eventually. That is why you can commonly find laminated items in office areas. This is particularly true with important documents. This method of lamination is also good for strengthening.

Foiling Services give you access to brushed foils, printed, mirror and vinyl rolled products. So rest assured, business and greeting cards aren’t the only thing that can be given a foil or laminate finish. Our team can carry out these processes for many kinds of applications, so if you require our expertise please get in touch today.