Will brushed foil give you the look you want?

Foils can be a really great choice if you have a piece of packaging you want to add extra elements to. You can use the foil to create all kinds of interesting details, whether it is a pattern or a brand logo. There are lots of materials to choose from so you can be really creative with your products. Foiling Services can help here too; we are one of the leading service providers in the UK.

An extra level of exclusivity

Foiling servicesWhen you start looking into foils you will see just how many different options there are. That means you have the chance to choose one that can really elevate your packaging. All you need to do is choose the right material and a professional service.

A lot of people will opt for standard foils here. However, if you want to get an exclusive look you may want to choose a brushed foil. The texture and finish looks impressive. It can add depth to lots of different types of packaging. You can really see the difference if you hold a standard smooth foil beside a brushed one.

The technique for creating brushed foils is very similar to the standard one for making smooth foil. The only major difference is the manufacturer uses a brushed polyester carrier to give the appearance.

Lots of options

Even when you decide that a brushed foil is the perfect product, you still need to choose the one you want to use. Again there are quite a surprisingly large number of options. For example there are plenty of different colours. It could be gold, silver, copper, or something more unique.

In addition you can decide exactly how extensive you want the brush affect to be. Some foils have very fine brushing so it adds a little detail but is not in your face. Others have very coarse brushing so you can instantly see the texture and feel it when you touch the packaging. You need to decide just how much you want it to stand out and then you can select the right foil.

Talk to Foiling Services about our foils

Our goal is to give every single client the perfect materials. We have the right products for businesses to promote their brands and improve awareness of them. The foils can be excellent for old companies who need to freshen it up, want to enter a new market, or aim to stand out from competitors. They are also great for any new business who wants to instantly set up as a luxury brand.

So, if you want to talk about brushed foils or any other material, speak to Foiling Services. We have built a great reputation and work with all kinds of clients who want to make their packaging stunning. You can tell us about your ideas and we will suggest foil that would give you the look and style you want.