Making an educational booklet

Laminating services are incredibly versatile and can offer you a multitude of benefits. In addition to enhancing an item’s appearance, you can give it an extra level of protection. For maximum success, you will want to work with a professional team like ours. We have the experience and talent to get you the results you want.

Laminating servicesSometimes, a refresher course can be helpful to keep skills sharp. This is especially true after people have had a long break. A good idea may be to create a straightforward reusable wipe-clean booklet for the kids. These can be useful when they need practice or when they are on half term. It is an excellent asset for the classroom too. After all, you can reuse and clean the booklet so it can help numerous students over several years. You are also free to use this approach with anything that requires practice to master. This could include the periodic table or letter formation.

Print and laminate those pages

In order to create your booklet, you will have to start by printing those pages you need to use. There are plenty of free worksheets online. Alternatively, you can use the ones you already possess. You can even make your own. There are so many possibilities.

The second step is arguably the most important. You must laminate your worksheets. It is preferable to use pouches for this project. However, you can use standard roll laminators as well. You will have to do some additional trimming around your pages though.

When you laminate, see to it that there is enough of a border around the edges of your pages. If you would like to use our laminating services, contact our team today.

Choose your cover

Step number three involves you choosing a cover. Poly covers are an excellent choice here. They are resistant to tears and are waterproof. Overall, they are very durable products. You could also use a regular vinyl cover. Whatever, your decision, any cover is going to add longevity to your booklet.

Finally, you have to bind your pages together. You are free to use pretty much any binding technique for your booklet. The spiral may be one of the better choices though since you can open and fold the booklet back on itself. It is also more permanent than wire binding. Comb is also a brilliant choice as you can add or take out pages as your needs change.

We will take care of your items with our laminating services

Foiling Services is an authority on the subject of lamination. We know that there is not much room to get things wrong. After all, many objects we work on are irreplaceable. As a result, we take measures to ensure that things go according to plan.

So, if you require our laminating services, please give us a call. We offer one of the most flexible services in the UK so clients from various industries can rely on us.