Why you should use lamination for leaflets and flyers

You might look at new ways you can promote your business and your products or services. There are a number of promotional tools you can use such as leaflets and flyers. They are cost-effective, and allow you to get your message across to customers. If you are considering this, you should also look into lamination services.

This process applies a film to your item after printing. It provides protection from general wear and tear as well as marking. Along with this is a better look without taking anything away from the original design. You should think of it as an investment which will make your items even more effective at promoting your brand.

An enhanced look

Laminating can improve the vibrancy of any colours and pictures you use. This kind of finish not only enhances the look of your leaflets but also makes them feel better in your hands. This is important when you are handing out things to your customers and when they touch them.


When you choose to laminate your leaflets, you are making them stronger and tougher. The film will make them more durable and acts as protection against damage including wear and tear. You can then know that they will look like new for longer.


lamination services

First impressions are important and often, they last a long time. Promotions relating to your business need to give the perfect impression. Laminate will make them look professional so your leaflets are something you can be proud of.

Our lamination services can ensure your products stand out by adding a high quality and professional look. If this is something you like the sound of, reach out to Foiling Services. Our vast expertise in the area means that we can work with a range of materials and needs to provide stunning results. You can contact us to discuss your requirements or any queries you may have.