Design advice to get the best results from foiling

While your items might already be great, sometimes they need a little something extra to help make them even better. Our lamination and foiling services can do exactly this, making your products look amazing. We can work with many materials and specifications, so we are the people you can trust.

During the design process for the item you want to apply foil to, there are some tips to keep in mind. These will help make sure that the end product you create is exactly what you want and also ensure it looks amazing.

Paper type

You need to use crisp line art if you want to achieve the best finish. Using smooth or coated paper stocks is something that increases the chances of the results being clear and consistent. Alternatively, if you want to use textured or heavy paper stock then you will need to make your design bigger and simpler.


You can make scripts appear very elegant when you combine them with foil. Sans and serif typography will also look incredible so you should choose what you think would be best for you. It is wise to only apply foil to the biggest and easiest to read words. You shouldn’t try and use it on intricate, fine, or small type.

Keep it big and space it out

foiling servicesIt is a great idea to add foil to larger elements like logos or large patterned backgrounds. If the design has a lot of detail the foiling may ruin it. You should also make sure you space the type correctly as foil tends to make it appear a little larger. Allowing this extra room helps ensure it is readable.

While gold and silver are colours people tend to choose, we have a wide range of options at Foiling Services. Take your time looking through our website and reading about the first class work we complete. Get in touch if you have any questions about what we can do for you.