Why should I use silk foil?

As with an objet d’art, gilding increases a book’s value, as well as its visibility in book shops. Of all the finishes out there, it is among the most upscale. Until recently, the only way to do it was using hot stamping foiling services. It could produce fantastic results but does have some drawbacks.

Here, you’d apply a metal film on the cover with a block that had all the elements to stamp. The technique requires a heat source capable of reaching 200ÂșC, as well as great pressure. The best option is a stamping press.

You can do the process on multiple passes on one machine and as soon as embossing is needed. It depends on how many elements you would be gilding. Regardless of the precise settings, a gap between the gilding and embossed element would be possible. As for relief on the interior of the cover because of embossing, this would be inevitable.

An alternative solution

Foiling servicesThese days, an alternative exists in the form of silk foil gilding. This innovative operation represents a mix of hot stamping and screen printing using UV glues. You manage both procedures using high precision digital modules. With the hot stamping, you do it with a special silicone plate. It is one as fine as silk, which is where the name comes from.

Silk foil generates hot stampings with a curved effect without previous embossing. Due to this reason, we also call the innovative gilding 3D gold.

Besides a delicate relief to the touch, it provides an incomparable brilliance. It is one that is much more vivid than you’d get with regular hot stamping. Also, it doesn’t have the embossed effect on the back of the cover. If you need help with foiling services, please give us a call.

There are some details that make silk foiling an interesting procedure. We want to have a look at them here.

Convenience and speed

To begin with, the process enables you to obtain attractive relief and gilding effects on one machine. Even with the two mandatory manufacturing stages, the operation is far quicker than the two individual ones. So, it can save a lot of time.

Freedom of choice

The relief gained without embossing lets you apply the silk foil on thick sheets in addition to thin ones. This is due to the UV glue that generates the relief. You are unable to do it in standard gliding. As a result, you have more freedom to choose different card and paper stocks.


Something else you should know about silk foil is that it is practically waste-free. There isn’t any setup wastage for hot stamping. The special film gets entirely used up too.


The ideal adhesion between the film and glue avoids the removal of film and cracks in the gilding. This happens even on a tiny surface. The gilded elements of silk foil have stable, smooth, and homogenous edges and exteriors. That should be the case even with the most delicate ones. Due to the nature of the procedure, it preserves any gap between gilding and embossing, even with very fine lines.

A wide choice of colours

The foils here can be green, pink, copper, silver, gold, and more. So, you get an incredible amount of choice.


Regular gliding that isn’t protected with varnish is vulnerable to wear. Silk foil that is fixed by the UV glue is long-lasting. Moreover, it enables the possibility of cleaning.

Cross promotion

You are free to apply silk foil to glass, leather, wood, plastic, and other materials as well as the card and paper stocks. It provides you with an extra chance to duplicate particular parts of your cover on promotional goods. You can do this for all kinds of marketing campaigns.

Our foiling services are decorative and protective

Applying foil is a great way to enhance the look of a product. However, you can do it for protective purposes too. Some clients want both. Thanks to our expertise and skills, we can do it. Most importantly, we give your items the attention they need to ensure the quality.

So, if you need the UK’s leading foiling services, be sure to contact us. We’d love to help.