Ways to increase the security of ID cards

Many businesses and organisations rely on ID cards for identification and security. Some won’t allow people to even access a site without a card to show who they are. The goal here is usually to improve safety and reduce the risk of issues like theft. To achieve the goals, the IDs must be high quality. Laminating services can help with that. You can also choose additional features to enhance them.


Laminating servicesOne thing to keep in mind is that criminals will always look for new ways to steal. Surprisingly, it is not unusual to see them go to the extent to create fake ID cards. This can be incredibly easy if the IDs only have very low levels of visual security. Some fakes can be so good that they fool trained guards and even other people who work in the building. With them, they can go where they want and potentially gain easy access to valuables.

The best thing to do here is make the cards very difficult to copy. It can deter criminals from even trying if they see how little chance they would have of pulling it off. There are several things you can try. We want to have a look at some of the best ones below so you can see some of the options.

UV ink

If you want a more subtle security feature, you could choose to print a layer with UV ink. The information will be invisible until the card goes under a UV light. So, someone attempting to create a fake might not even know it is there in the first place.


A fantastic choice is to opt for laminating services and add overlaminates to the cards. It is a really simple technique. The film can include a logo, text, or texture. You can also choose holographic imagery. This makes it incredibly hard for a criminal to create a fake. They would need to be able to find the exact film you apply to real IDs.

There is an additional benefit here too. The overlaminate provides an effective layer of extra protection for the card itself. It can reduce wear and tear so cards last longer. In turn that can reduce replacement costs.

Tactile impressions

Another thing you can do is stamp an impression into each card. You can make it unique and ensure you are the only one with the tooling to make the impressions. That physically means a fraudster would not be able to create a realistic fake. Security guards should easily be able to see when a card does not have the necessary impression.

The combination of tactile impressions and overlaminate can work even better to boost visual security. The laminate will make the impression stand out. In addition, if someone was to attempt to tamper with a card to remove the film, it could destroy the impression. That would make a stolen card useless.

Get reliable laminating services

It is always a good idea to think about the visual security of ID cards. That way they stand a better chance of providing the level of protection you want. If you choose things like UV ink or identification marks, it is still a great idea to get lamination too. It can provide an excellent final protective layer.

When it comes to lamination, it is better to get a professional service. It will deliver the best results, including avoiding issues like bubbles and creases. The quality will improve security even more; fraudsters are unlikely to put in as much effort.

If you are thinking about laminating services but want some help, you can contact us. We would be happy to see what we could do for you.