What you need to remember about lamination

Our lamination services are some of the most valuable on offer. Using them is one of the best ways to ensure that you won’t accidentally ruin your items. They prove especially useful when you need to develop new menus and other documents that might be at risk of soiling or water damage. No matter your reason for, we’ll make sure you don’t leave disappointed.

Users can use laminates for a range of applications. A high calibre laminate defends the toner or ink from environmental elements. This includes dirt as well as water. Certain films will offer extra UV protection to increase life spans and print durability. Something else you can utilise laminates for is changing the finish or appearance of a graphic. For example you could go to a gloss finish from a matte. Adding texture is another option.

Are they compatible?

With laminates, something important you must keep in mind is compatibility. It’s crucial that you select a product that matches well with your media. When working with vinyl media, you should use vinyl laminate. Similarly, it would be wise to use polyester laminate whilst laminating polyester. Should you choose an ill-matched film, you could end up with a product failure. This can lead to a costly reprint of the whole project.

Media preparation

Lamination servicesFor the media preparation, you should let the print dry entirely prior to introducing an over laminate. To find out more about your ink set, you should refer to the OEM’s drying instructions. In an industry like ours, an excellent practice is to let the print dry for 24 hours. With this amount of time, your ink will definitely cure. It shall also avoid certain lamination problems too.

At Foiling Services, we’re familiar with all the finer details of laminating. We make sure that every product has the right level of compatibility. Moreover, we make it a point to respect the objects that clients trust us with. This ensures we provide the very best lamination services.

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