Consider metallic foil Christmas cards

We are the company that people trust most to handle their foiling services. This is an area we’ve specialised in for many years, perfecting our craft over time. Using our skills as well as first-rate technology, we can meet any requirements clients set for us.

If you’re already preparing for next Christmas, then you may want to consider using metallic foil cards. In 2017 alone, the UK population spent around £1.7billion on their greeting cards. Of all these, 100 million were single Christmas cards. People bought an additional 900 million in packs over the festive season too.

Christmas is the best time to prove to your customers that you value them and appreciate everything they do. The key is to send a card that looks great. Metallic foil cards look imposing. Additionally, they mirror your investment in your products and image. More importantly, a customer is more likely to open a card than a piece of junk mail. As a result you can market to them more effectively.

Remind everyone that you’re still around

Distributing corporate Christmas cards gives you the chance to include your logo or brand. It’s an excellent chance to remind clients that you’re still there. According to research, this can result in people putting you at the top of their lists after the festive period.

foiling servicesFor your cards to be truly effective though, you need to put the right message inside of them. Said message must be professional. You might want to thank the client for the business they gave you previously. Another option would be to wish them success. Depending on how well you know the recipient, you may want to make it personal.

At Foiling Services, we can help you to obtain eye-catching results with various items. Our team would be more than happy to work on cards for you. We have the skill to add different colours of foil to various cards. This is the perfect way to enhance a design.

Simply tell us what you need and we will get to it. This even includes providing design tips. Get in touch today if you want to work with us.