What should you laminate?

Once you know all the benefits of laminating you will want to use it on as many items as you can. As a leading provider of lamination services, we have had the chance to cater for various requests over the years. As a result we have a really broad understanding of exactly what you can laminate and the kind of results you can expect.

Lots of options in various sectors

You can use lamination at home, in all kinds of business environments, in schools, and more. The sheer number of applications is amazing. There are even a fair few you would not expect or consider. For example there is laminate timber that is great for decking, doors, and more. Pieces of flat pack furniture can also be a laminate over a timber board.

Promotional use

The most common uses of lamination services are probably in promotion. Here it is a great way to protect things like business cards, point of sale displays, brochures, signs, and more. There are lots of options for laminate so you can protect these items or add decorative touches. You could choose laminates with texture, colour, or even unique finishes like holograms.

In education

Teachers, secretary staff, students and lots of other people use an array of resources in schools, colleges, and universities. It could be timetables, reading lists, syllabuses, schedules, or even emergency signs. It is possible to laminate all of them and many other items to give them extra protection. This ensures they will last longer.


There is also a lot of demand for lamination services among businesses that work with food. Manufacturers may want laminates so they can protect labels, signs and even instructions for equipment. Restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, and cafes also favour laminate to protect menus, table cards, and even training resources.

Personal use

People may also want to laminate a number of items that are personal to them. For example it could be important documents or certificates. Some people want lamination for photos and artwork too. It could even be as simple as a menu or wedding invite you want to save.

Lamination services

The list of ways you can use laminate is growing every day. This is one of the things we love the most about being involved in it. We are always here to take on challenging new projects for our customers.

If you want to arrange lamination services, talk to our team. We can advise you about which method to use and what type of laminate will provide the right kind of protection.