What does world class really mean?

One of our founding commitments was to ensure that we used only world class products for our foiling and lamination services. This is something that we have proudly continued to do to this day, always taking measures to ensure that they are made available at highly accessible pricing. Whilst we know – and greatly appreciate – the fact that we are trusted to deliver this by our valued clients, we felt it would be interesting to have a closer look at one of the suppliers we make use of in being of service to you.

To be blunt about the subject, it can from time to time be that someone claims a certain product or form of material meets “world class standards” without elaborating or showing the how and why of this being the case. We’ve always guarded against such hyperbole, making sure that we only describe what we use in terms that can be qualified. With this in mind, it is with confidence that we can say that the Renolit products we use really do meet the highest of quality standards.

Renolit have a history of producing plastic films and related products that stretches across more than half a century. Over the course of this period they have come to be the leading choice for a number of specialised films. The strong, long lasting and reliable protection their products give are favoured by the building and construction industry in particular.

The last point is important in seeing how one of our suppliers can be shown as meeting world class standards. RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects, have shown that they appreciate the value Renolit products offer by including an extensive entry for them in their product selector library. With RIBA being regarded from a global perspective as setting the highest standards possible for architecture and related disciplines, their endorsement of a product or brand is one which can be trusted.

In terms of our approach, we always provide an honest and transparent service. In our view it would be wrong to describe any of our suppliers as being of a world class standard unless someone other than us was endorsing it in this way. When it comes to Renolit, we firmly believe that the endorsement of RIBA confirms the high standards associated with this brand.