Protecting your swimming pools

Many different markets have benefited from our foiling and filming work, finding that their merchandise receive nothing but the greatest finish when they seek our assistance. We are capable of working with numerous materials, including the likes of aluminium, PVC, ABD and HIPS to name a few. In addition to our regular services, we have a selection of quality Renolit products to call on.

Pool liners are amongst the specialist films that Renolit produces. They are PVC coating system designed specifically for swimming pools. The film offers an inexpensive way to waterproof a pool, and is both comfortable to walk on and long lasting. Together these factors create a product that offers value for money and one that will benefit you in the long run.

Liners possess high resistance and consist of large pockets that are fitted against the pool walls. They are flexible, making them ideal for those constructs that have peculiar shapes. They are kept in place thanks to the weight of the pool water. Therefore, in order to function properly, the pool must always be filled. Without the water pressure, they wouldn’t be able to maintain their position.

Speaking in general terms, a decent liner will be good for about ten years. If you have children that use the pool constantly a good idea would be to purchase a reinforced film. The extra protection comes from a sheet of polyester. Another thing to note is that all liners are polyvinyl chloride treated, which not only permits them to retain their colour, but guards against UV light.

At Foiling Services, our customers have responded positively to all the Renolit products that we have available. The considerable range of films and foils in stock include but aren’t limited to transparent, woodgrain and marble. This means there is plenty to choose from for all kinds of requirements.

If there are any questions that you have for us, we’d be happy to help. Our team can offer guidance and put clients on the right path to choosing the perfect service.