What are heat transfer foils?

Foil has many uses and applications. For example it is common in cooking and can be a popular design feature. When applied with care by professionals, it will give your item a striking look and a stunning finish. We do just that here at Foiling Services. Whatever your needs, we will make your items stand out.

If you want to use foil for your item you may not be aware that there are different types. One of these is hot transfer foils. They can be for decorative and functional purposes. We know that not everyone has our specialist industry knowledge. This is why we would be more than happy to answer questions like what are heat transfer foils and more.

Heat Transfer Foils

As the name suggests, the application of this foil requires a high temperature. The material is also referred to as hot stamp foil. It is transferrable so that it leaves your chosen item with an amazing and luxury metallic finish.

One thing to keep in mind though is that you should not cut the foils in a vinyl cutter or potter, or weed it. This can ruin them.

This material tends to come in rolls of long lengths and you can cut it to size with scissors. You should ensure that you lay it colour side up. In addition, remember that it does not include an adhesive.


The foils that you can use come in a range of colours and effects. You can apply them to various items and materials including PVC, Acrylic, Plywood, and Aluminium. When an expert completes the application, it can leave a high quality result that improves your item. The design can be simple or intricate to suit your needs.

For more information you should contact Foiling Services. We can discuss our work in more detail and also provide you with advice for your project and requirements. This can include recommendations on different types of foil.

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