Some things to consider with lamination

Our foiling and lamination services are loved by many people. This is because of the expert level of the results we provide. We utilise our experience and industry knowledge in order to take care throughout the process.


How thick you want the laminate for your item will depend on your materials and what would be best. You should consider it in relation to the item in question and the use of the laminate i.e. functional or aesthetic. You can choose what you believe would be best or consult a member of our team to make the most of their specialist knowledge.

Preserve Your Item

Not all items are suitable for the process. This is because instead of protecting it from damage, you might be harming it. This is the reason why we don’t rush into our work. We will look at your item and whether we would believe it would be okay. If so then we look at any alterations or special care that we would need to take to give it the quality finish you want.


Lamination is not an instant process. To allow for effective bonding of the materials it is best to leave it for 24 – 48 hours. Despite this, our services are relatively fast and cost effective while still leaving you with an amazing finish for your product.

Use Experts

Not all lamination services are equal in terms of attention to detail, care, and level of quality for the results. Our specialist work and expert team allows Foiling Services to provide clients across the UK with superb finishes. Along with our excellent customer service, you can depend on us.

We work with a variety of materials so for lamination services, you can have confidence in us. We monitor standards of work at every step and consider your specifications. If you would like to chat with us, you can call our team at 01684 575655 and we will help however we can.