Using foils and metallic inks for screen printing

In screen printing, separate types of inks exist. It is the same with finishes and techniques. A metallic ink or foil finish can help your print stand out. They add vibrancy and texture. They work with various materials, including flat stock prints like posters and even different garments. In this post, we are going to talk about using these techniques. You can then come to us for the best foiling services.

Foil screen printing

Foiling servicesThis is not unlike standard screen printing. However, you use an adhesive glue ink rather than plastisol ones. You cut the foil in squares off a large roll. Then you place it over the glue adhesive print and heat press it. What it does is activate the glue adhesive and attaches to the foil. Once it cools, you pull the sheet off and you pull the excess foil away.

Foil works wonders for simplistic accents to a design and as a loud bold statement. It can supply a mirror like effect. When the light hits, it will really shine.

There are multiple types of foil in existence. For the most dynamic effect, people use holographic foils. They reflect light, producing many distinct colours.

Metallic screen printing

As opposed to printing with foil, you don’t need a transfer or overlay treatment to obtain a shiny metallic print. This is because you ink in the same manner as you do with plastisol inks. Silver and gold are the most utilised metallic inks. They provide a non-reflective, shiny finish.

Metallic inks are at their best when there aren’t any small details to fill. This is because the ink is a tad thicker than normal.

The inks are lovely to look at. Not only that, but they will aid you in elevating your materials. They produce a more expensive look with a glossy and shiny effect. It will make your business cards, postcards, and other items stand out.

Designing for your prints

One thing you need to do here is pick your apparel blanks with colour pairings in mind. For each custom project, beginning with a well-selected garment is vital. The appearance of eye-catching and unconventional metallics will change with your chosen blank. Muted colours like soft earth tones and olives will refine and tone down metallics. As for jewel tones, they will create a flashier look. Speak to us if you require the UK’s foremost foiling services.

You will also want to consider the surface area for an impactful design. To get the most impact from your metallic embellishment, you should incorporate it into a bigger surface area. This will best catch the light and provide a noteworthy sheen. On the other hand, introducing metallics in a design with thinner lines or more compact areas can bring less desirable inks to more approachable levels.

Finally, you will want to use metallic as accents. It is not necessary for every design to go full-on with them. You can pair all these speciality techniques with regular colours. Use foils and metallics to highlight particular elements. It could be a graphic element you want to stand out or a word you want emphasising.

Tackling the challenges with foiling services

We provide foil solutions for both decorative and protective purposes. When performing our work, we make use of the best materials and equipment. We also call on our wealth of experience. As a result, we can meet the challenge of all available patterns and shades.

Our team will help you make the most of your products. So, if you need our foiling services, please let us know. We can give you tips, advice, recommendations, and more.