Enhancing lightweight laminated non-woven production

Generating laminated non-woven items is something you need to do with the correct process controls. Without these, you cannot guarantee the highest quality with your goods. The actual laminating services also have a big impact.

Laminating servicesOne thing to note is that not all laminates are created equally. Some have a heavier construction whereas others are lighter. The latter can supply both superior comfort and weight, particularly with wearable products. Examples of items made using lightweight laminates include surgical gowns and masks, and filters.

With the production of non-woven laminated composites, there is something else critical you must guarantee. This is that the composite’s individual layers remain free of compromise. It is especially important while you create lightweight composites more fragile and thinner than heavy ones.

Knowing all this, there are multiple strategies you can use here. They will help you augment lightweight laminated non-woven production. At the same time, you can lower the danger of creating defective merchandise.

Use high quality materials

The materials you use in the production of composites will play a significant part in the resulting strength and weight. With non-woven substances, you will need something that shows excellent tensile strength. At the same time, it must be light. The choice is between natural and synthetic fibres. You are free to use any combination of them.

Synthetic fibres like polystyrene and polyester are ideal here for lightweight and strong materials. They are ones you can make soft, high temperature resistant, breathable, water resistant, and printable. To enhance breathability and comfort of some items, you can add a light material like cotton.

As for the bonding material, polyethylene film will supply the finest adhesion. At the same time, the overall composite will remain flexible, soft, and light. Furthermore, you can use the film in separate lamination operations. You’ll get an efficient waterproof barrier, anti-tear capabilities, and great strength. Contact our team if you’d like to use the UK’s leading laminating services.

Enhance tension controls

The tension control is among the most vital elements in producing a top tier laminated non-woven item. The web tension could be off in either direction. If it is, you risk damaging and tearing to one or multiple layers in the resulting composite. This is even more applicable to lightweight substances. It is the case even when you are manufacturing tear resistant laminated non-woven composites.

An issue with improper tension control can cause several other issues too. For example, it can produce wrinkles. In addition, there will be places where the bonding is incomplete. Plus, there will be incompatible widths between layers.

It is essential for you to remain fully aware of the tensile strength of your chosen composite materials. When using lightweight substances, you must be totally precise with your tension settings. Even if you are off by the slightest increments, you can harm them.

Managing production speeds

Your production line’s speed needs to be controlled during the lamination process too. It can influence the web tension. Also, especially whilst winding the last composite, incorrect speeds can lead to a defective reel. You can expect air pockets, wrinkles, and telescoping.

Preferably, you’ll want production moving as rapidly as possible without undermining your items. For non-woven lamination, this means the speed at which they move through your lamination machine is critical to getting a quality product. It is the same for the rate at which they rewound and slit to form the final reels.

Work with our team for high quality laminating services

At Foiling Services, we’ve worked hard to become a leading authority in regards to lamination. We can apply laminate to a huge array of different substrates for various clients. In each project we select the right film and adhesion method to get the perfect results.

So, if you need our laminating services, feel free to speak to us. We can recommend a service for you.