Understanding holographic films

Due to the results that foiling services can produce, there are countless people looking at them. Of course, you need the help of a competent business like ours to get the right outcome. No matter how huge or small the job ends up being, the team here can get it done.

Holographic film is a flexible, thin material that is micro-embossed with images or patterns. The films offer you an amazing spectral coating or 3D effect. The process is similar to cutting miniature grooves into the film in separate shapes and at a variety angles. The micro-embossed grooves lead to the diffraction of a standard white light into the colours. The effect isn’t dissimilar to the diffraction of white light in a crystal prism.

Seeing things at different angles and positions

The greatest thing about the films is you can see unique colours and images depending on the angle and position you look from. This kind of coat can really make a product stand out and grab attention. This is great for things like packaging because it can boost brand awareness.

It’s actually possible to pressure sensitise the medium to create sticker or label materials. You do this by presenting a sensitive adhesive alongside a release liner to the outside of the film. You’re free to create stickers or labels by machine cutting the film into the preferred shape. Using a die is also an option.

Afterwards, you have to get rid of the surplus film as well as the release liner. This exposes the label or sticker’s adhesive surface.

At Foiling Services, our interior and exterior grade foils and films include metallised, uni-colour, transparent, and woodgrain designs. This is in addition to our holographic products. There’s plenty we can do with them, so make full use of your imagination.

If there are any details you’d like to discuss with us, don’t hesitate to contact the company. You can expect the best from is in every sense of the word, whether it is the foiling services, the materials, or the final finish.