Enhancing lamination adhesion during surface treating

You are right thinking that lamination services can protect a wide array of objects. When done properly, the laminate can make these products even more stylish. Having been in this industry for years, we can meet even the most unique need with our broad solutions.

Creating a composite

Using a single ply of material may not offer everything you need for a product’s peak performance. In cases like this, you’ll require two layers of materials or more. As a result this shall supply the necessary characteristics.

A strategy to create composite of this nature is laminating with adhesive. The packing industry uses this kind of strategy quite often. This is because the end products demand more than a single property. This can include things like low gas permeability and high tensile strength.

The lamination can get tricky because of the features that people need. There are several stereotypical laminates people use. Polyethylene and polyester films are very common. At times, people also use surface treating to boost the adhesion. Examples include flame and corona treaters.

Where to discover adhesives

You can find laminating adhesives in all kinds of forms, varying in viscosity and melting point as well as curing time. The main purpose of these products is to max out peel strength inside the bond. With lamination adhesion to plastics, you need to look at plasticity and chemical bonds. This is how you decide peel strength.

The adhesive’s mechanical characteristics are vital to good bond. It’s the same for the enlargement of the plastic chains with the adhesive. It’s also the case with the reactivity of the adhesive chemicals.

At Foiling Services, we use our expertise in laminating to ensure that every project goes according to plan. Over the last decade we’ve built up our reputation for high quality lamination services. Today, we are one of the leading names in the business.

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