Understand the hotstamp process

It is our job to offer decorative foiling services to a wide collection of industries and markets. Our team is more than capable of working on the likes of profiles as well as reel and sheet materials. In addition, we use highly respected manufacturers for our finishes, including Poli-film and Leonhard Kurz.

Everyone that’s played a part in printing will at some point have witnessed and commended a captivating hotstamp label. This is a universal procedure that’s utilised alongside a multitude of pressure-sensitive goods such as coupons and decals. Standard implementations include pharmaceutical containers, tobacco merchandise, and health and beauty objects.

Hot foiling is an exceedingly efficient process for those labels that demand more complicated and elaborate designs with smaller images and fine lines. This is because we use the die to preserve the lucidity of the edges. The process loans a label to an ornamental veneer and we usually relate it to high-end stock. It proves to be quite the potent marketing utensil when attempting to separate your products from the rest.

Hot foil stamping materials

If you desire the largest ROI on your production costs, it’s essential that you comprehend the procedures and uses involved in fashioning hotstamp labels. It’s also helpful to know about the materials we use for hot foil stamping. Normally, professionals employ rolls of a metallic or pigment foil. They come in glossy and matte finishes, and an impressive array of colours, primarily gold and silver. The foil substances we see with hotstamping consist of numerous layers too, including various metal, image, lacquer layers, and a release layer.

At Foiling Services, the work we do supplies a far more distinguished, attractive, and vivid look to everything. We constantly strive to meet and exceed everyone’s expectations. As a result, we have become one of the most trusted establishments in the country.

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