Managing print curl and silvering

For years, we have been offering laminating services to businesses who request our aid. In addition to an impressive degree of protection, they can also augment the aesthetics of products. Regardless of what your requirements are, we will do everything in our power to help you meet them.

The lamination process is not as straightforward as one would think. Many potential issues could hinder your progress and possibly ruin your project. What we are going to do is talk about some of these problems here as well as the solutions that we use to overcome them.

Print curl

Print curl is one complication and it’s precisely what it sounds like. Usually, the culprit here is incompatible film combinations, webbing path, or film tension. Numerous operators try to compensate for the curl by altering the brake tension. However, this isn’t the ideal solution, as too much tension can cause further print curl and many other issues. It would be beneficial to not thread film from the front primary rollers straight through to the back. It’s possible to modify your film’s form by adjusting its webbing.


Silvering is another problem that happens whenever air ends up trapped beneath a laminating film. One solution would be to heighten the downward roller pressure. Just make sure you don’t overdo it or you could exacerbate things. Make sure you assess your film temperature too. Ideally, you need it pliable and soft prior to it entering the nip, as this is where the two rollers unite.

At Foiling Services, we have laminated an array of different items, including photographs, posters, and other display objects. Lamination is something that’s easy to mess up. However, we go to great lengths to ensure that things proceed in a smooth fashion. That is why we are confident we offer the most reliable laminating services.

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