Try using foil with your letterheads

Foiling services are more popular than you might think. People have been seeking them out for years in an attempt to make their items look as stylish as possible. Many businesses trust us here because we are experts who take great care and attention whilst working. This ensures a quality finish.

Foiling servicesEvery business wants to secure a place above the competition. Something that will help you do that is a letterhead with foil embellishments. This is able to accomplish numerous things. For example it can make any letters you send look fantastic. This means people will be more likely to pay attention. In addition, the cost of adding the foil is not major when you consider everything you will receive in return.

An unusual proposition

One of the benefits of the letterheads with foil is that they are unusual and distinctive. When you use one, the final result is something you may not be used to. What this will do is aid the recipient in noticing the details defined in the foil. Because of this, the recipient is going to remember you for far longer. Should a consumer require a service or product, they will likely choose you.

Brand building

Something else you can do with these letterheads is complement other brand building strategies. Simply using a letterhead with foil is but one element of a marketing plan. You could also use several other components. Introducing foil to the letterhead can be merged with things like packaging and advertising. The result is a comprehensive plan that is both cost efficient and incredibly viable. Contact us if you require top tier foiling services.

Open that mail

Consumers will be more likely to open your mail with these letterheads too. Foil accents make your letters stick out from the crowd. This will even be the case if there is a huge pile of other mail. Such a technique can introduce a personal touch that is highly appealing.

Standing out

Most importantly however, you will be able to beat out your competitors. Consumers are going to have a choice between a competitor’s plain letterhead and your own. Since yours will have foil accompanying it, they will be more likely to give their business to you. The foil can really become the deciding factor. As a result of you using it, you will have an opportunity to amplify your market share.

Experienced foiling services

We are proud to be one of the UK’s most trusted names in the foiling industry. Our team always aims to do work that meets and even exceeds the expectations of customers. We are not restricted in terms of what foils we can use either. This is because we use the latest technology.

If you require our assistance, please get in touch with Foiling Services.