Tips for laminating smaller items

The greatest thing about laminating is just how versatile it is. You can laminate all kinds of different things, from paper and card products to furnishings and other larger items. Whatever the case though, you want the finish to be perfect. We can help with this, offering reliable lamination services to suit various needs.

It can get quite tricky to laminate smaller items. The problem is they can move around when you try to put them through the laminator. This can cause all kinds of issues and make the finish look quite poor. Luckily there are a number of things you can do to tackle the issue.

Choose suitable pouches

One of the things you can do is choose a suitable laminating pouch. Here you simply put the items inside the pouches and then run them through the laminator. They won’t be able to slide out of the pouch so you should get the lamination you want.


Lamination servicesAnother option is to use a larger laminate than the item you are laminating. Then you can trim down at the end to get a better fit. You need to be careful here though to ensure that the laminate won’t peel after you trim. It is also vital that you keep an eye on waste.

An issue you may have here is that the small items move during lamination. A good trick is to use a little bit of glue to stick each item within a pouch or between the laminating sheets. This should help to hold them in place. It is a really good idea if you are trying to put several tiny pieces in one pouch or for one run through the laminator.

Rely on our lamination services

We are proud to be one of the most successful providers of laminating and foil solutions in the UK. Our services are available to clients in various industries. Whatever they need, we always look to offer the perfect finish.

One thing that really makes us stand out is the array of laminates we have to choose from. This gives our clients the most choice when it comes to things like thickness, flexibility, and finish. We can even offer advice about different options if the client is unsure what laminate would be best.

If you want to speak to us about lamination services, please get in touch. All it takes is one call and we can find out what you want for your project and start delivering it.