There are many kinds of hot stamping foils

It is our job to supply everyone with top of the range foiling services. We have introduced our functional and ornamental foils to a multitude of wood, metal, and plastic based sheet substances. In addition, we also possess the ability to foil profiles. As you can tell, our skill set is quite versatile, and we can use it to meet all sorts of complicated requirements.

Hot stamping foils are really useful. They serve an identical purpose to paint or ink. They’re thin films that users have glazed with the coating of colour that you are going to relocate onto your object through the hot stamping operation. This protects the substrate.

In total, the foil consists of three utilitarian layers. The first is a clear film, which forms the carrier that you will lay your pigment on. You won’t be moving this film to the item though. The next layer is the one we think of as the primary addition, and it includes numerous pigmented sediments. Said sediments form the colour. The final layer is the release coating. It is here where heat-triggered glue bonds the sediments onto the sheet that’s being hot stamped.

The types of hot stamping foils

When it comes to the foils that experts use in hot stamping, there are a series of designs that they prefer over the rest. Metallised foil is one of them, and people favour it because it offers a shiny and bright metallic style to the print. Pigment foil is another option, one that’s typically employed for papers and plastic. We epitomise these foils by their non-metallic and flat colouring.

At Foiling Services, we work with all kinds of foils in order to bring you the desired results. Our collection includes a myriad of brushed and mirrored products, as well as some printed ones.

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