The positives of laminating commercial auto wraps

Laminating servicesThe value of having an item laminated is something that cannot be understated. There are many advantages to using laminating services. Some of the most notable ones include enhancing protection and superior aesthetics. If you work with our team, you can acquire these and then some.

Anyone that has worked with commercial auto wraps before will know how important it is to laminate them. The laminating procedure can prolong the life of the vinyl, so it is a great choice. In this post, we will discuss why it is critical to guaranteeing a quality, long lasting wrap.

What are laminates?

A laminate is an overlay of flexible plastic that will supply protection to the vinyl’s top layer. For colourful advertising wraps, it is a good idea to employ a premium 1.5 Mil gloss polyurethane overlaminate. This is one with a glossy, smooth finish. It does a good job conforming to the contours of vehicles and irregular exteriors. As well as safeguarding the ink, laminate comes with a myriad of other advantages.

Easy to use

One of these advantages is the ease of installation and removal. It is very simple to apply laminate to vinyl. The wrap film is not as difficult to reposition and isn’t as vulnerable to wrinkles or bubbles when you move to lamination. Removal is a more straightforward task as well.

Abrasion and UV protection

There is also the abrasion and UV protection to think about. Laminate prolongs vinyl’s life by offering outstanding resistance to both. If you did not have the additional defence, it wouldn’t take much time for your vehicle wrap to fade. It will also begin showing scratches from road wear. The laminate keeps the material looking vibrant for longer. Plus, it is easy to clean to keep it in top condition. Please let us know if you require first class laminating services.

Moisture resistance

Do you reside in a place where humidity or extreme temperatures are a concern? If so, you don’t need to worry as laminate protects against such conditions. Printed vinyl’s ink is particularly vulnerable to moisture. But, the overlaminate will seal the vinyl so it can’t get wet. The exterior will be easy to wipe dry.


Finally, there are plenty of finishes to use. High gloss is a common one, but you can also look at lustre, satin, and matte to get the look you want. Matte and satin are wonderful if you want to produce a distinct look with minimal shine.

Helping everyone with our laminating services

At Foiling Services, we commit to helping every customer meet their needs. It does not matter how distinct they are. Furthermore, our experience allows us to offer solutions for most needs. We also have access to a huge array of films, including exterior ones for various uses.

Our laminating services are a great long term investment. You can contact our team today if you would like to work with us.