The irreplaceable features of cold foil for brands

Cold foil applications have a series of advantages. They’re able to contribute to brand security, premiumisation, and sustainability. These are vital features that need discussing. That’s what we intend to do here. So, read on if you’re interested in finding out more about cold foil. Then, if you want to use sustainable foils, you can speak to us.


Sustainable foilsCustomers generally come across a huge collection of similar goods. This means that brands possessing “premium” or “luxury” elements must distinguish themselves. They cannot look the same as their cheaper competitors. Brands tend to use foil since it comes with high-visibility, glossy effects.

Research has revealed that foil-decorated packaging rates over 80% higher than non-foil ones. This is for quality, brand awareness, value, and appeal. Foil is able to grab attention 44% quicker and retains it 16% longer than non-foil packaging.

Premiumisation is trending in several industries. It is perhaps most apparent in spirits, beer, and wine. Brands have made use of foil packaging for years. Today though, more labels are getting produced using a sheet-fed format with cold foil. The label supplies spirit and wine bottles with a stylish, upscale aesthetic. The labels also have durability and tend to be waterproof. For example, Crown Royal utilises cold foil along with ink and varnishing. This gives the brand its iconic look.

Additionally, cold foil is an effective look for beauty brands aiming to position products in certain ways. They want them to be premium, sophisticated, and luxurious. Cosmetic packaging is among the most competitive markets. Over the forecast period (2021-2026), the estimate is it will expand at a CAGR of 3.7%. Part of why it’s such a popular option for cosmetics is the classic look it offers to the packaging. Metallics are timeless for a lot of cosmetic brands. Moreover, they are a relatively simple effect capable of conveying the luxury and elegance most brands seek.


The environmental is a growing concern for brands and their consumers. People often ask whether cold foil is sustainable. The answer is yes. Today, there are multiple metallic, special solutions aiding brands in standing out. They do so with low environmental impact as well. Sustainable foils don’t stop paper from being de-inked, recycled, or repulped.

A Foil & Speciality Effects Association study from 2021 revealed that cold foil is fully recyclable and pulpable. The application tends to be done on-press in line with printing and doesn’t need up-front dies or tooling. It is also possible to overprint cold foil with hybrid, UV, or classic inks. Furthermore, you can use it in tandem with recycled paperboards and papers.

Overall, cold foil is a sustainable and lightweight alternative to laminates. The foils don’t have polyester film. Only the metal transfers, so there isn’t any mylar laminate. This makes recycling the paper and/or packaging a possibility.

Brand protection

Counterfeit goods are a massive and expanding issue. They impact supply chain security. The same goes for consumer safety and the profitability of a brand. If people are putting something on or in themselves, it can be dangerous given that counterfeits may use unsafe substances. Or, products could have allergens without the right labelling.

With cold foil, it’s possible to create cost-efficient holographic effects that serve as brand protection features. They can give consumers the confidence they are buying authentic products as counterfeiters will be unlikely to be able to replicate them.

Comparing to hot foiling, the initial costs for extra embossing and stamping dies are eradicated. What’s more, cold foiling does not result in substrate degradation or distortion. Counterfeit-proof security features are also visible, letting people authenticate them.

We understand sustainable foils

At Foiling Services, we are aware of the spectacular results foils can supply to items. Something else we appreciate is how important protecting the environment is. That is why we work with our partners to supply high quality foil. You can make a green choice to use them.

So, if these sustainable foils are something you want to work with, we can make it happen. Contact us to learn more.