The beauty of holographic labels

The beauty of holographic labels

Foiling servicesOur company name should tell you what we are all about. We have made it our mission to offer decorative foiling services that nobody else can match. When you choose us we will deliver excellent results that really stand out. We can foil a wide range of products, including wall cladding, point of sale displays, and composite doors.

Marketplaces are becoming more competitive and consumer trends can change very fast. As a result, businesses are trying to figure out ways of staying ahead of everyone else. They must engage the customer and remain relevant. If there is one thing that can create brand awareness and attract customers, it is product labels. Specifically, many companies are now going for holographic ones. This is because they look better than a plain label and can work wonders for your brand image.

Rainbow spectre

It is possible to create holographic labels using flexible and thin polypropylene, polyester, or nylon film. The best attribute of these would be the rainbow spectre. This glows when you hold the item at separate angles. The glowing comes from the embossed patterns. They diffract white light off the label’s exterior. Retail items that could benefit from using these labels include electronics, beverages, personal care goods, and luxury items.

More brand awareness

These labels provide you with a lot of advantages that place them above many other ones. As we said before, better brand awareness is one of the best. People see regular labels hundreds of times per day. However, you can stand out by opting for holographic ones. With them you can introduce your brand and merchandise to shoppers who were unaware of you until now.

Better sales

FoilingAnother advantage would be an improvement in sales. Holographic labels are something of a luxury item. They ooze exclusivity. What better way is there to make your item even more appealing? According to trends, the market has also expanded during the previous decade. One way of tapping into this is using methods like holographic foiling on your products.

The labels can supply what professionals call an experimental shopping experience. They do so with their distinct colour-changing qualities. Experimental shopping trips stimulate our visual sense. In turn, this drives us to make positive shopping choices, which can enhance sales. If you want first rate foiling services, come to us.

No counterfeit goods

These labels are not merely aesthetically engaging. You may be surprised to learn they are also capable of playing a part in safeguarding your items from counterfeiting. With them, you can create certain designs that aid people in separating your items from the fakes. Just create a label that is very tricky for someone to copy.

Talk to us about holographic foiling services

We are very proud to provide holographic foils in addition to various other items. The list includes vinyl rolled, exterior, and brushed products. On top of this, we can foil all kinds of materials, such as plywood, ASA, and MDF. That means we are the most competent and flexible team in our field.

If you would like to do business with us, please get in touch. We can talk to you about foiling services and why they are a great investment. Then you can decide what products are best for you.