Lamination protects, preserves, and enhances printed products

Despite our name, we also offer top quality lamination services. Ours is a professional and personal approach that aims to meet and exceed your expectations. Using our abilities, we can really make your goods stand out from the rest. If it is just protective coatings you need, we have no problem providing that either.

Multiple options for lamination

Lamination servicesOnce someone has printed a graphic, there are a number of options for laminating it. With the correct finish for the graphics, shops can introduce extra value. For example they can separate their services from the rest so that it is easier for people to notice them in a busy marketplace. From here, it will be possible to increase profits and revenue.

Lamination can present you with many chances to sell your merchandise to customers. It is not only the bigger shops that can benefit from this; smaller ones also have a golden opportunity here.


For all printed items, lamination improves them in three ways. The first of these is with protection. A laminate can protect a substrate against moisture and dirt as well as UV rays and more.

Laminating can actually protect your goods in a myriad of ways. Encapsulation is the most common of these. This consists of the double-sided lamination of a print. When encapsulated, you can even put paper documents underwater without harm to the print.

Menus, book covers, and report covers are all handled quite a bit in interior settings. They may only be finished using single-sided lamination. With encapsulation, people use it more to safeguard documents that they use outdoors, like maps.


Next, we have preservation. With a laminate you can increase the longevity of any piece of print. It could be for 30 years or one month.

Using lamination, there are numerous ways for you to achieve this effect. Old newspapers and priceless artefacts for instance are often laminated. This is to stop them from yellowing because of oxidation. In addition, it defends them from moisture and humidity. For the best lamination services money can buy, contact our team.


Lamination supplies value that customers can see as soon as they look at an item. The result is a graphic that appears far more professional. It is one that people are going to notice. For example, glossy overlamination makes inkjet-printed colours seem livelier.

As for matte lamination, it makes it easier for you to read graphics, especially when there is glare. Not to mention, it offers a subtle tactile effect. This adds to the perception of quality.

Come to us for quality lamination services

At Foiling Services, we perform all of our work on site. This allows us to control costs and keep a closer eye on the quality. As a result we can maintain our high standards.

If you need to use the finest lamination services in the UK, please get in touch with us. We have the skills to cater for a wide array of requests.