The basics of foil printing to know about

As you can guess from our name, we are a team of experts adept at using foil. You can provide numerous items with decorative and protective finishes through the use of lamination and foiling services. However, you need the right level of experience and knowledge to be able to do a good job. When you work with us you will be able to achieve something amazing.

Foiling is a big part of the printing industry that can add a striking embellishment to a product. Foil can provide a touch of luxury and depth to your products without being too much of a distraction from the main item. With a little accent, you can transform how things look and feel. This might be labels, business cards, or anything that needs to grab the attention of your audience.

Everything you need to know about foil printing

Prime examples of foil printing include brochures and business cards with a metallic accent. Also known as hot stamping, it involves adding foil to items. Instead of ink, you use metallic foils to embellish products. This can include logos and borders.

The process is very affordable and you can choose from various colours of foil. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are numerous options for you that can all achieve fantastic results. For example, you might opt for pigment foils in matte or gloss colours without a metallic sheen. Alternatively, you might decide on holographic or pearl foils that add a unique touch.

There are even more types that you can choose from, including foils that look like wood and marble. You can check what service providers offer and the options for your product.

Specialist application of foils

foiling servicesFoiling Services has over 10 years of experience providing various industries with leading solutions. Our team focuses on achieving the highest standards of work. We also prioritise customer service so every experience is great.

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