Selecting the perfect lamination materials

Lamination is a cost effective option when materials need to be given additional protection or a more decorative finish. There are a wide array of different laminates to choose from, made of all manner of thermoplastics. They can be finished in a number of ways and deliver many useful characteristics including UV protection, waterproofing, and fire retardance too.

It may come as a surprise just how many different materials are laminated to protect them. You will likely see and even use many of them without even noticing that they have made use of lamination. Bicycle and motorcycle helmets, decorative composite panels, even certain types of furnishings all make use of the technique. It allows manufacturers to utilise different substrate materials but provide additional protection and the finish they want.

When selecting lamination services it is important that people consider the kind of finish they want, the challenges the substrate will present in terms of bonding, and the characteristics. This will help them to select the right material and laminating technique.

An important choice to make is how thick the laminate needs to be. The thickness of the sheets of material can vary a great deal, from microns to millimetres. The level of protection needed and flexibility requirement will dictate which thickness to opt for. The thicker the laminate the more protection it offers the substrate but the more rigid it will be.

At Foiling Services we are equipped to provide a wide array of laminating solutions. We can work with an array of different substrate materials and have products from reliable, established manufacturers to provide incredible results. Whether you are looking for a highly decorative finish or want to allow the substrate to shine through we can cater for your needs.

We enjoy our position as a leading provider of lamination services and always look forward to working with our clients. On every project we will deliver the best value and a high quality finish.