A thermoplastic film with form and function

Thermoplastic films are something we have specialised in for quite some time and we have the skill to add them to an array of different products. We don’t just offer any old materials though; our stock is supplied by only the most trusted of manufacturers. One such is RENOLIT, a market leader that develops a wide array of market leading filming products.

There is a vast array of thermoplastic materials to choose from when you look at films. TPU is just being one of them but it is immensely popular. Like every other thermoplastic elastomer, it is a melt-processable and elastic substance. Not only this, but it can also be processed on injection and extrusion, blow and compression moulding equipment.

TPU can be solution-coated or vacuum-formed and is appropriate for a considerable amount of fabrication methodologies. It can come in a wide array of different colours, however, what really makes it stand out is that the material can bestow an impressive number of properties. These characteristics make it a hugely versatile substance, one that can be adapted to a myriad of uses.

Its versatility is partly attributed to TPU being a linear segmented block copolymer, one made up of soft and hard areas. The hard part can be aliphatic or aromatic, while the soft segment can be a polyester or polyether variation, depending on its application. This versatility comes from the distinctive TPU structure, which results in decent compression set, high resilience, as well as weather, impact, tears, hydrocarbon and abrasion resistance.

At Foiling Services, we stock a huge number of RENOLIT products. We are very proud to utilise these materials and love the immense quality that they offer. The thermoplastic films can deliver both a brilliant finish and protection against fire retardancy, UV and the weather.

If you’d like information on any of the films that we work with, or want us to help you choose the right one to provide the right properties, feel free to call us.