Put your next event in the limelight

Foiling servicesThere are lots of different ways you can promote events. Traditional things like posters and flyers are still very popular. Sending out personal invites can also be really great. All these items give you the chance to get eyes and hands on materials that give them all the important details. You can elevate these promotional pieces with foiling services. A little foil, or a lot in some cases, can get you the best response.

Below we want to look at how you can use foil effectively on flyers, posters, and more to put your event in the limelight.

Make the design pop

Traditional print is great. You can choose font, graphics, patterns, and more to give your items a fantastic design. But, nothing can compare to using foil. It gives metallic touches that reflect the light, making them really stand out. The visual experience here is unbeatable.

There are lots of different options for using foil. For example, you can use touches to highlight parts of the background to get a high end look. Or, you can go bold and use a lot of foil to contrast with the paper or card stock. There are literally hundreds of combinations you can choose in terms of foil and substrate colours. Whatever you go for, the look can be incredible.

Promote the headliners

Most events have some kind of headliner. It could be a band, an artist, a designer, a high profile speaker, or any other special guest. Their appearance could be the main selling point of your event. So, you want to make it stand out that they will be attending. Using foiling services can be a great way to do that and can highlight some of the most important information on the promo item.


Another thing you can do is add foil to logos to make them stand out. Again there are lots of options. For example, it could be the logo of your promotional company, the venue, or even the event itself. Foils make them stand out better than any other method, so they are worth the investment.

Many events also have sponsors. You can show your appreciation to them by including their logo and adding foil to it. In some cases this can be a selling point for your event in itself, especially if you have some notable sponsorships. You can even use different colours of foil to differentiate them, such as gold for the most important.

Talk to us about foiling services

If you can make your promo materials really stand out and highlight the important info, you can see a big increase in attendance. It can put your event on the calendar and make it a must see. You’ll be in the limelight and ready to make an impression on the audience.

Foiling Services is one of the UK’s best experts. We can use foil in all kinds of ways to generate the perfect results. Most impressively, we have access to a huge range of foils. It gives you plenty of choice for colour, including holographic ones.

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