Flame or dry lamination?

More people are aware of laminating services these days. Consequently, they also understand their benefits. To obtain the best results though, you need the right materials, great equipment, and experience. Working with an expert team that understands what it is doing is a wise move. We can provide you with everything you need from these services. In addition, we are able to do so in a timely manner.

Laminating servicesLamination is a process that consists of you combining individual materials. It preserves the original characteristics and properties of every layer. So, what it can do is ensure you have a final product with a superb appearance, comfort, durability, stability, and strength. This is as a single unit.

The greatest thing about lamination is how broad it is. People use it to join substances like honeycomb, foams, and metal. They also join fabrics, paper, and PVC foils. Other examples include non-woven film, leather, and artificial leather. Additionally, during the process, certain factors are critical. These include material and adhesive quality, time, pressure, and machine heat.

There are lots of options for applying laminate. We want to look at two of them here; flame and dry lamination.

Flame lamination

This is a form of continuous lamination that has been in use for decades. It makes use of a roll of thermoplastic foam and a line-gas burner flame. The latter melts the foam’s exterior. The result is the creation of a thin layer of molten polymer. It is then pressed to the substrate and given time to cool so a bond can form. Flame laminating systems have the capacity to do double-side and single-side lamination.

With this type of laminate, PU foam is the most common. This is because of its distinct properties. It is flexible and soft. Flame bonding enables it to maintain these characteristics.

For applications, it gets considerable use. It is popular in the upholstery and footwear industries. On top of that it is also a mainstay for automotive and public transport seating.

As for the features of the laminating, it is cost effective and has a working speed up to 30m/min. The time will depend on the material you use though.

Dry lamination

Now we want to look at dry lamination so we can see how it compares. With the process, thermoplastic (or hot-melt) adhesive is utilised in roll film. You can laminate a wide array of materials taking into account the thermoplastic characteristics. Piece-to-piece and roll-to-roll lamination are both doable with this technique. Let us know if you wish to use our laminating services.

In relation to adhesive technology, hot melt dry adhesives are cost effective alternatives. In addition, they are efficient and clean too. For some, they are also recyclable.

It is possible for you to generate adhesives from individual polymers. Examples include polyurethane, polyolefin, copolyester, and copolyamide. This allows for a myriad of choices to meet numerous applications and demands. More green substances are being made today too, like those based on biodegradable and bio-sourced items.

The great thing here is there are so many performance characteristics, dimensions, structures, and polymers. Thus, the possibilities are huge. Industries using this lamination process include electronics, filtration, and composites.

Here, it is possible to make laminates in either multi or single sandwich layer configurations. This will be based on your machine’s construction. What’s more, it is easy to transfer or coat adhesive on the substrate with PE backing or paper. Some features of this process include no waste, numerous choices, and efficient bonding and homogeny.

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