Looking after a roll laminator

Our lamination services offer great benefits for our customers. You can simply choose to use a laminate as a protective measure if you need to preserve a delicate item. In addition though, you can take things a step further by augmenting the appearance of your item. Regardless of your decision, we’ll provide first class results.

Anyone who owns a roll laminator will know that you can end up using it a lot. As such, some routine maintenance will be in order. Luckily it’s not hard to care for the device. If you do it properly and frequently you’ll have little trouble. The following are tips to help you.


To begin with you must clean the mechanism’s rollers. A tiny bit of adhesive trickles out and then coats them each time you laminate something. The adhesive accumulates as time progresses. Eventually, your machine will become damaged or experience jams because of it.

No sharp or pointy objects

Cleaning the rollers shouldn’t be much of a challenge. However, you need to be cautious. You should not use sharp and pointy objects to maintain your instrument. You could scratch your rollers this way. If you accidentally harm them, the replacement will cost you a fair amount.

Regularly cleaning your rollers will reward you with several benefits. For example, you’ll increase the life of your device. In addition, it shall be easier for you to remove the newer deposits. It might be a struggle trying to remove the older, hardened ones.


A good rule of thumb in terms of how frequently you should clean your rollers is every three to six months. You can do it more often if you use the device on a regular basis. Always keep in mind the more proactive you are, the lower the risk of a failure.

At Foiling Services, we’re always on hand to assist customers in making the right choices. It’s our belief that every experience should be a pleasant one. To make certain that yours are, we answer each query honestly and clearly. Therefore you can ensure you get the very best lamination services.

If we can be of help to you, please let us know. Whether you want a protective coating, a decorative one or a combination of the two, we have the right service for you.