Familiarise yourself with heat transfer foils

Foiling services are more useful than you think. It’s true that they can make your items more beautiful. Consequently, this is exactly what draws people in. They’re more likely to look at your items if they’re nice on the eyes. If you are running a business, you’ll find this beneficial.

There are various types of foils in existence, and heat transfer foil is one of them. Anyone who has worked in the foiling industry before will know about them. It’s a different story for those that haven’t however. If you are one of those individuals, read on to discover what to do with them.

Heat transfer foils are typically 12 inches in width. They come in rolls that are 25 feet in length as well. The great thing about working with them is you can cut to length with a pair of scissors. Make certain you have enough to cover the area completely. Remember to introduce the adhesive first though. In addition, see to it that your foil lays coloured side up whilst applying it.

Keep it cold

It’s preferable to peel the foil cold. The colder your material, the better your results will be. Something that will help is rubbing your substance on a cold exterior. This shall aid with dispersing the heat. Once you’ve peeled the foil, you’re free to reuse any foil that didn’t adhere to your adhesive.

It’s also possible for heat transfer foils to include a temperature range for the application. You may be planning to wash your finished design. If you are, apply the foil as well as the adhesive at the temperature range’s top. As a result your design will stand more of a chance against a wash cycle.

At Foiling Services, we always set our standards high. Because we reach for such goals, it becomes easier to satisfy our clients. We love seeing the looks on their faces when we hand over the final product to them.

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