Laminating – More Than Just For Menus

When lamination services come up in day to day conversation it would be quite usual for people to assume it relates to the laminated cover placed on posters, or indeed on documents which are intended to be placed on display. In terms of the contact we’d make with laminated products on a day to day basis it’s easy to see how and why this assumption would be made, and in fairness it is not incorrect. It would, however, be wrong to think that this was the only place where our lamination is used.

The purpose of laminating posters and other documents is to give them extra strength and protection. In terms of other documents, it’s perhaps best to consider a menu as an example. As a menu is to be used and handled extensively throughout the course of a day it must be designed so that it can not only withstand this, but also be left looking exactly like it was intended to. Lamination can achieve this.

Being able to provide strength and protection without causing a distraction from the appearance of something is a quality many producers want to have for a wide range of goods and items. Whilst foiling is an ideal way to transform the appearance of something, in many cases this is not what is wanted. A laminated cover is the ideal solution because it is transparent. It therefore lets you show off the existing appearance of something confidently, safe in the knowledge that it has a high level of protection.

Wooden products can benefit greatly from laminating services. Whilst we can apply a protective laminate cover to virtually any material, it’s when they are placed on wood that you get a sense of the value. Laminated covers on wood allow you to present the unique appearance of the material, including the graining, whilst also providing additional protection.

At Foiling Services we have a great deal of experience with lamination and can provide a first rate service for all clients. We can add protective covers to a wide range of materials, providing a quality finish each time.