Highly decorative foils with added texture

Foils are used to add decorative touches to a huge array of products. They come in a variety of metallic colours so that people can choose the best one to suit their needs. This gives them a great deal of flexibility when it comes to deciding what unique elements to add to make products stand out.

Brushed foils are a fantastic alternative to standard smooth finished foil. They add an extra depth to the aesthetics of the product, providing texture alongside colour and a high definition finish. This can give the impression that the substrate is metallic whilst also helping to boost the ergonomics.

There is a wide array of different brushed foils available to choose from. They can range from a very fine texture to a much coarser finish depending on the needs of the client and the specific product. Matte, semi-matte and glossy finishes are also available.

The great thing about brushed foiling is that you can achieve the texture whilst also enjoying a clean edge when the printing (or stamping) is done. This is important and means that the products will be very high quality. A good edge also means that the foil will be more durable when it is added, offering better protection against abrasion, moisture and chemicals.

We offer a very wide range of foils with brushed textures. As part of our foiling and lamination services, we will help each client to choose the right foil for their needs, determining what type of texture they need and what colour. We stock a number of standard products in a selection of colours but can also source or manufacture bespoke ones on request. We are therefore very confident we can meet all kinds of requirements.

The foils we use can be added to fabricated or vacuum formed products made from a wide range of different substrates. We have the experience to provide a first rate service every time and will always focus on maximising the quality of the finished pieces. If you have any questions about brushed foiling or would like some expert advice about product design please contact us. We are one of the UK’s leaders in the field.