Laminating makes composite doors looks stunning

Many people choose doors purely on the looks. However, that can result in a number of issues. For example, you could select one that isn’t going to offer the right level of security. Or, your choice might not have very good weather resistance and only last a few years. If you are looking at the options, composites are definitely one to consider. They can maximise performance and aesthetics, especially when the manufacturer uses high quality laminating services.

What are they?

Laminating servicesAt their heart many composite doors are timber. This provides the core and gives the door its essential characteristics like stability and insulation.

Then, there can be layers of additional materials around the wood. The material will vary by product. In some cases it will be fibreglass while in others it can be uPVC. These layers enhance the core, providing protection against warping, fading, and weathering. The combination means the doors are more durable and robust.

Generally the composite doors will have a final layer to maximise the aesthetics. This tends to be a laminate, applied using high quality laminating services. It can be any kind of colour or even provide a realistic representation of real wood, even including the grain and texture. The finish provides a huge amount of choice, and means manufacturers can create quality doors to suit classic or modern looks.

Why choose them?

What you have with composite doors is the combination of timber and uPVC. So, you have the strength, stability, and security of wood as well as the weather protection and longevity of plastic.

If you want a door that is incredibly secure, composite is the best choice. The union of materials can provide excellent impact resistance. This will be better than you can get with wood or plastic separately. Only aluminium could exceed it, but at a much higher cost.

This is also the best choice if you are thinking about energy efficiency. Combining the materials means the doors can effectively prevent heat from escaping. It can also stop external conditions from influencing your interior. That means it will keep the heat or cold out. Overall, you could save money on your energy bills.

Quality laminating services

The importance of good lamination is clear here. Because the final layer is responsible for the aesthetics, it needs to be right. Any flaws like bubbles, creases, or lack of adhesion can mean the product is not suitable for sale.

At Foiling Services, we know how to get the very best results when we apply foil and laminate. As a result, we can provide first rate solutions for all kinds of needs. This can be promo materials, composite products, and much more. Whatever you need, we are confident we can do it.

So, please get in touch today and tell us what you have in mind for laminating services. We’ll advise you about the most effective way to get the finish you want.